Crypto Advertising Booster Pack

0,50 SOL


✨ Advertising Benefits:

  1. 30 days sponsored Banner or Video Placement.
  2. Clickable Link Inclusion.
  3. Telegram post.
  4. Article on Blog
  5. One newsletter to the mailing list


For just $19, unlock a realm of organic engagement and unparalleled exposure.


Dive into the vibrant world of Degen Pepe with our Exclusive Crypto Advertising Booster Pack, designed specifically for advertisers looking to skyrocket their visibility within the crypto community.

✨ Mastery Pass Benefits:

  1. 30 days sponsored Banner or Video Placement: Choose between a captivating 468×60 or 350×500 banner on our bustling blog or a sponsored video slot, both guaranteed to catch the eye of our active and engaged audience.
  2. Clickable Link Inclusion: Amplify your reach with a direct clickable link, driving our community directly to your doorstep.
  3. Telegram post: pinned post in the telegram group that has 500 members.
  4. Article on Blog: we will promote your project with a dedicated article written by our curators.
  5. One newsletter to the mailing list: we will promote your project via 1 newsletter to our mailing list.


Why Choose Degen Pepe Advertising?

Our platform isn’t just another advertising space; it’s a community-powered ecosystem where every click and view is rewarded. Here’s how we stand out:

  • Organic Traffic Generation: We incentivize our platform users to engage with your ads through clickable links and video views, ensuring genuine organic traffic and heightened visibility for your brand.
  • Community Revenue Sharing: A portion of advertising revenue flows back into the Degen Pepe community, creating a powerful flywheel effect that benefits both advertisers and our community members. This unique model not only boosts your advertising effectiveness but also fosters a positive cycle of growth and engagement.
  • Limited-Time Offer: This introductory rate is a steal for the value provided, making it an opportune moment to test the waters and see the impact firsthand.


Ready to launch your campaign?

  1. Purchase the Advertising Booster Pack
  2. Fill out the following form:
  3. Upload your promotional material and let’s create a buzz around your brand that resonates throughout the Degen Pepe ecosystem and beyond.


Note: This offer is available for a limited time only. Don’t miss out on the chance to be a part of the organic growth revolution with Degen Pepe!

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