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✨ Marketing Push Benefits:

  • Sponsored Links (PPC)
  • Sponsored Video (PPV)
  • Call on Our Official Telegram Group
  • Call on Our Official Twitter Page
  • Degen Pepe Community Push on Your Telegram

Blast Your Token to the Moon with Degen Pepe’s Ultimate Hype Machine!

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Yo, crypto degens! Tired of your token lurking in the shadows? Crank up the volume with Degen Pepe’s “Blast Your Token to the Moon” service.



This marketing strategy offers a win-win approach for communities that have taken over their projects, providing targeted traffic, organic visibility, and promoting the token to potential new holders.

In the ever-evolving crypto ecosystem, visibility is key to success and sustainable growth. We introduce the “Community Take Over Marketing Push,” a cutting-edge marketing service designed exclusively for tokens and projects taken over by their communities. This unique package offers a holistic marketing strategy, aimed at maximizing your online presence and attracting new investors and supporters.


What the Service Includes:

  • Pay Per Click (PPC) Services: Boost your token’s visibility on essential platforms such as DexScreen, Raydium, Jubiter, as well as social channels like Telegram and Twitter. Promote any link your community desires, ensuring your project reaches the right audience at the right time.
  • Pay Per Views for Videos: Expand your reach with a dedicated service for videos, making sure your message is seen by a vast interested audience.
  • Calls on Degen Pepe’s Social Channels and Blog: Further increase your exposure with an exclusive post on our influential Twitter and Telegram channels, accompanied by a detailed article on our blog to tell your project’s story and engage directly with our community.
  • Degen Pepe Community Push on Your Telegram: our community will help promote the visibility of your token and project, participating in your telegram group, through raids, shares etc…


How It Works:

Your community contributes a supply of tokens to the Degen Pepe treasury for incentives, we jointly determine the token rewards for clicks and views, and distribute these tokens to users engaging with your content after the campaign.

  1. Token Offering: The community provides a supply of the token to be promoted, entrusted to the Degen Pepe community treasury.
  2. Cost per Click and per Views: Together, we define how much token rewards users get for organically consuming your promoted contents, the cost per click and per views, customizing the campaign based on your needs and objectives.
  3. Token Distribution: Tokens are distributed to users who interact with promotional content and videos, until the offered supply is exhausted.


Where Your Promotional Contents Will Be Published:


Special Offer:

Limited time offer!

Take advantage of our exclusive promotion: access the entire “Community Take Over Marketing Push” package for only 1 SOL, instead of 5 SOL for the entire month of March 2024.

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