GM Degens 🐸 

First of all, I thank the founders who financed this project. Their contribution was invaluable in starting the project, including the LP and they deserve our respect, without them we wouldn’t be here, I’m just the dev, so THANK YOU!

We are all here for money, but if we are only here for money we are no better than the villains we want to fight (aka rug devs).

We must unite against the wickedness that unites against us. Individually we are weak, together we are stronger

To make money it’s easy, just buy now, hold up to 100/200K and then sell in 5% chunks every now and then during the climb (NFA).

If you are looking for pump and dump you will be disappointed.

Our roadmap is clear:

1. Establish a Treasury: done!

2. Launch Degen Pepe Army NFT with utility and cashflow: done!

3. Launch Crypto E-commerce with Affiliate System: in progress.

4. Launch Staking: the end of March.

5. Launch Telegram BuyBot: the end of March.

6. Aim for CEX listings.

Do the good you want to see in the world.

This is our philosophy. The community members who are here are the soldiers of the first trench. You are not here by chance, you are the front line being massacred by unscrupulous devs and you have certainly had more rugs this week than sexual experiences in your entire life.

I am one of you and I say enough!

It’s time to fight back, to take control and MAKE IT. We have the power and we must unite to win.

The first step is to realize that this project is not a pump and dump’s token. We are the hope, the desire to see the miracle, the light at the end of the tunnel, the crypto frens who don’t abandon you. The community that speaks out, that isn’t afraid to be a shitcoiner and learns from their mistakes, succeeds.

This is our safe place.

I’m happy to build it together with you. What awaits us is the future of finance, from now on rugs are old history.

Unless you like the thrill and emotion of seeing the red price stripe plummet like a stone into the abyss! In this case, we’re here to hear you tell it later.

I write this manifesto for new members joining us from all over the world, who like us, are confused the first time. As those of us who were looking for a reference, we were afraid whether to buy this token or not, looking for evidence that we might not be scammed.

My greatest pain is seeing a telegram where I made friends and pushed the project disappear, ghosting all of us.

It’s a feeling worse than the rugs themselves. That’s why I took control and created this community, with founders help.

What we have done so far




✅ 100% LP BURNED





Like all of you, I have a bag, which I bought after the launch.

I will buy in the dips and sell from time to time to defray project expenses. Between liquidity, buybacks and token burns, the upcoming NFTs, there have been many expenses, up to 100k MC we are not really talking about gains.

Those who are impatient are free to continue trading other tokens. But we all know that a +100% pump here is more real than any other +10,000% pump in Solana’s TOP 10.

Here, this message is to tell all of you that we are safe here and also to avoid having to always repeat that Founders are here, Dev is here, community is here and can take care of itself.

Let’s fight together #DPEPEARMY and we will win together.

Spread Degen Pepe Love ♥️